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Schah-Nameh. Heroic Times.

EXHIBITION IN BERLIN PRESENTS FERDOUSIS “BOOK OF THE KINGS” (opened till June18th 2011) In 2010 the world celebrated the tenth centenary of the completion of the Persian “Book of Kings”. Composed of more than 50,000 rhyming couplets, the “Shah-Nameh” is one of the greatest epics in the history of world literature. It is approximately twice as long as Homer”s epics… (more…)

What means “Ey Vay” ?

At university I had a very good friend from Jordan. He was palestine, much younger than the rest of us physics students and extremely gifted. But he did not only had an extraordinary mathematical talent, he was also very familial with classical european music and literature. On the other hand, he had a very firm opinion about Israel, whom he… (more…)

Sunlight and the genetics of skin pigmentation

Dear Ghazal, Do you remember that we once talked about UV-exposure and skin pigmentation ? You send in November some papers about it, and how this is regulated. There is an other aspect, and this relates to inherited genetic differences (i.e. a problem that is similar to your MSc project and the search for germline variations). Recently I found an… (more…)

The Great Garbo

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks for your nocturnal e-mail, for every single word. We had a big meeting in the helmholtz-center yesterday night, it was on the occasion of fusing four institutes into a Department of Radiation Research. It was a big reception, but it was very political (what is not my favorite). I came home quite late, and the… (more…)

Unicorn and the blue-eyed camel

10 min after midnight he could not wait any longer for the long over-due end-of-the-day message from her. He left the house, the family, the dog and the garden behind and drove to her, ignoring most of the red traffic-lights and speed limits. After a 15 min race from the very east to the very north of this town, a… (more…)

Goethe, Hafiz and the Dangerous Love

Hi Ghazal, In case you are in the mood for some time out today, send a message. I would be happy to accompany you to go to town or to the lake or whereever you want. Otherwise, I will spend the day in the lab. Take Care, my dear, Michael …………………………………………………………………………………… Hi Michael, yesterday i went to the centrum to… (more…)

Books and Food

Dear Ghazal, It would be a blunt lie to say that I only write you now to check if my computer finally understands that there is a difference between an _ and an . in your mail address. I checked today which e-mails were sent to this wrong address over the last weeks, and these were probably about 10. If… (more…)

The Genealogy of Mice

Hello Ghazal, my dear, I interprete the missing answer to my last e-mail as a sign, that you got cought so much by Lee Silvers book on “Mouse Genetics”. I hope that you find it not just scientifically interesting, but also entertaining. To be honest, I always have problems seeing a lot of heroic activity in observations on how cells… (more…)