Lars Gustafsson, Music and a wrong Mail-Address

Dear Michael

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I went to Salzburg with chrysi and some other flatmates.Today I just rested. So you were in the institute.
Actually it is not that hot in the guesthouse. Just sometimes.
Thank you for the suggestion of going to the castle though, you really like the castle!

I think you are sending to the wrong email address. my address is:
I listened to your music, thank you. It was a bit different for me but it was nice.
Yes Chrysi found one lake in Unterschleissheim she said. But this week it will rain.

I tried to translate the text you wanted me to translate. It was hard. some of the words I had never heard.I attached it.

Take care and see you tomorrow.

Ghazal F.

A Castle at the Beach

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you had a nice day today. In case you want to go swimming, there are two lakes that are pretty clean. One is in Feldmoching, the other in Fasanerie. I also saw one on the map in Unterschleissheim, but don”t know it myself. According to the map, there should be a beach too.
I have something to do in the institute tomorrow. In case you still want to visit castle Oberschleissheim, it would be a pleasure for me to interrupt my work and meet you there.

It is probably quite hot in your appartment now. If you want, you might take one of the vents from the institute on Monday to the guesthouse.

Good night Michael

PS: I”m not sure, but I have probably sent some mails in the past to a wrong address at hotmail. Do you have a . in your hotmail address between first and family name ? It might be that some messages did not reach you, because my computer at home has problems with the .-key.

Take Care

Lars Gustafsson says “Long lives free Berlin”

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also has an Blog on the internet, that I found recently. Although he fluently writes english and german as well, most of his Blog articles are in swedish. There is one article, I would be interested to understand it, but it is swedish.
I vaguely understand the title that probably means “Long lives the free Berlin” (Gustafsson lived in Berlin for some years). The link to this Blog article is here .
For you it must be easy to read this article. I would be very pleased if you could tell me something like its essence. It does not need to be immediately, do it whenever you have nothing better to do (You see, I take it already for granted that there will be a moment at all when you have nothing better to do. It might be, that translating an article is the least you wanted to waste your time with).

In case you change your mind about the Greenday concert, just give me a call (0173-9009656). We will start our odyssee at about 6.30 or 7 p.m. tonight. But if you want to join later, I can always come back to pick you up.


Eternal Music

Hi Ghazal,

Did you enjoyed the music that I gave you ? I don”t know if it matches your taste. The “Friday Night in San Francisco” concert was recorded in 1983, and was very popular than and still is considered a mile-stone in popular music, although it is rarely played nowadays in radio. But I think when you were born, it was always on air. There is a theory saying that music, that was around during somebodies early childhood influences your taste for the rest of your life. Maybe you know that there is one hypothesis saying that even the unborn embryo in the mothers womb is already very much exposed to sounds coming from the outside, and that there is an unconscious memory to the music from this prenatal period of life. If this is true, than you might like this “Friday Night in San Francisco”, assuming that your mom listened to it when she was pregnant with you.
The other two records are by singers that belong to two different generations. One made her big debute also about 25 years ago, the other is much younger (first appearance on stage in 2008). I would be very curious if you can tell who of the two (one is Asa and the other is Sade) is from the 20th century and who is from 21st. Of course you might click on their webpages (which are also stored on the CD) and look it up.

Yours Michael

PS: These hype around Football World-Championship is awful, don”t you think so ? How can get people so occupied by the question which nation kicks a ball more frequently. I have the battle for a ball every morning with my dog, but would not build my whole mental energy around this game.

Persian Blogosphere


I would highly appreciate if you would add my blog to your directory.
I called it “Letter to an Persian Cat”

If you will see, it is totally un-political, it has to do with cats (mainly as an aphorism), and I am not iranian nor had I ever the chance to visit your country. Why do I want you anyhow to add it to your list ?

It is the record of an utopia that I almost lost my mind in during summer 2010 (I guess many people in Iran also think of a free Iran, that is currently an utopia). It has to do with the encounter between me, a university teacher and scientist and a student, who was born in Sweden to Iranian parents. I have to admitt, that I feel a strong attraction to her, but try to keep it on an spiritual base (Ha ha, I can hear your laughter).
Any how, you might say it is a story of an unlucky love like there are millions elsewhere in the world. The reason, though, why this blog should be listed is the following: I know your struggle for freedom in Iran, and I very much feel with you. I remember I went through a quite similar time in 1988/1989 in east Germany / GDR. I was pretty much involved in the movement for liberalisation and against the oppression by the single ruling party and the secret service. Looking back from now to these two years, I have the feeling that they were a wasted time of my life: I don”t remember a single book that I red, no concert or theater I went to, no long friendship or love-affairs. These two years were completely devoted (and lost) to a political fight againts idiots like the police, secret service, party officials. I can tell you, I was happy when everything was over (although the new west-german rulers were also a shame) and I had time again and regained mental power for the real important things in live, for culture, music, love, philosophy, for my job as a scientist, and the possibility to reflect about us, the universe, and where we all came from and why we fall in love.
Political fight is sometimes unavoidable (like in Iran right now), but be carefull not to turn it into the most important purpose of your life.
After it will be over, and I hope of course with a new tolerant gouvernment, remember the old values of Persia: arts, poetry, music and science.
Than I”m absolutely positive your country will have a great future. And try to settle your controversy with Israel. If both of you find a peaceful relation, this will be a strong alliance, and nobody in middle-east will dare to fool you, not the US nor the arabs.

Good luck, Take Care

Yours “Radius of the Persian Cat”

Format of Live

Hi Ghazal, Yes you are absolutely right and I have to apologize for this.
But to be honest, I did it intentionally to provoke an reaction from you.
You remember, it already worked ones, when I started to call you Mrs. F. You then stoped right away calling me Dr. something.

Don”t worry, I don”t want to distract too much of your attention from the lab-work. I can imagine, its all quite new stuff. I just believe, that we are not just slaves of our work, but should try to stay human.

Take care, enjoy the evening Michael

on 09.06.2010 15:46, Ghazal F. wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thank you for all the primers! I will check more
> and try to do PCR next week or on friday.
> I think the last email you sent me was an SMS format???
> regards
> Ghazal F.
> on 09.06.2010 15:19, Michael R. wrote:
>> Sorry Ghazal, but I forgot to attache the list of the markers that I
>> mentioned. Here it comes.
>> Greetings Michael
>> PS: Please no answer in SMS format any more. There is an
>> e-mail filter in my computer, which considers every message
>> as spam if it is shorter than 30 words or 5 sentences and
>> if it doesn”t contain a personal phrase.

Geschützt: Driving north

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Geschützt: Roots reach out for Water in Desert Land

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from Berlin with Love

Hi Ghazal,
This short letter comes to you from my visit to Berlin. It”s a bit rainy here, but the city doesn”t lose its charme even if it”s grey. I hope you will find time during the few month of your project to visit Berlin and its cultural wealth.
I hope you have a good time in Schweden and will be back on Wednesday without too much homesickness.

Greetings your Michael

PS: I attach images of two of the world-most-famous archaeologic objects that attract millions of visitors every year to the Berlin museums. My favorite is the Ishtar-gate from Babylon. I saw visitors from Iraq here in the Pergamon-Museum, who bursted into tears when they saw it:

Ishtar gate from Babylon

Ishtar gate from Babylon

The second is the bust of Nefertiti, the un-unoffical miss-universe since 3000 years.

Iconic bust of Nefertiti

Iconic bust of Nefertiti