From Cannes to London

Ghazal my Dear,

I was so happy reading your e-mail. Don”t worry about the strange PCR results, we will sort this out next week when I am back. This happens occasionally to everyone, it is not your fault Ghazal, you are working perfect, I know this.
At the moment it is more important to work on the thesis bit by bid. Just try to stay involved in the whole matter mentally.
Don”t worry about me, it is o.k. over here. We visited my wifes aunt today. It was very interesting, she left russia about 25 years ago to live in France, she is a painter and mentally still a very young person. She does not take life easy, she regrets a lot that she never had children and she thinks a lot about life and what is her role. With her you could clearly feel that she did not regret anything she did, but a lot things that she missed.

Ghazal, my dear, did you had time to watch the “Breakfast at Tiffany”s” movie ? If not, would be nice if we can see it together. You know what is very strange :
I promise I have not thought about it before, but the title song of it, “Moon River” for me is an allegory of the Isar river under the moon light, as we have seen it last week. It must have been somehow underconscious that we talked about the movie and that your parents liked it so much before we went to the river to watch the moon.

And what also was a funny co-incidence: that we recently listened to Edit Piafs song “Non, je ne regrette rien” and both found that apart from the great melody it has also a strong message. And only now I red that this very song was also a central element in the movie Inception (may be you remember, it always was the signal to wake up from the dreams). And by the way, the actress that played in Inception on Leonardo di Caprio”s side was Marion Cotillard, who played Edit Piaf in the Oscar-prize movie “La Vie en Rose“. Hopefully, we will find a opportunity to watch the movie. I think you will like it.

I wish you a nice time in London, relax and recover and enjoy the vivid city. Will you take with you the shirt that I gave you ? I think it would suit you very much, they might take you as a french girl visiting London. I rcommend you going to Camden market on Saturday. It is a big bazar of all funny fashion stuff and strange objects. I have not been there for years, very much would like to see the city again. Maybe I really come there to meet you after the exam.

Ghazal my Dear, it is already pretty late, and I guess you are asleep since hours. Anyhow, for the remaining night I wish you relaxing dreams and a happy morning.



PS: If you can, please write me some words from London.

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

Did you arrived well in London ? I hope you enjoy every moment and have a good time. How is the value of the British Pound these days? Half a year ago it was almost equal to the Euro, but now I read it is rising again.

If you are looking for a spot where to rest for a while and recover and hear some music free-of-charge, try the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre. You get there from Charing Cross (or Embankment) Station, which is quite central. From there you take a pedestrian bridge over the river Thames, that brings you right to the big Southbank Centre. It is very relaxed there, plenty of space to escape bad weather, music, exhibitions, usually everything fro free.
But as much as I know you, you prefer to visit Harod”s, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and the like every minute you have there.

Hope everything is o.k. over there.

Hope to see you soon, my Dear. I miss you, but this you know already.


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