Location, location, … lovely location

Location, location, location: that’s what every real estate agent will tell you determines the value of a property. I had to think about this, when we recently saw that our funny, belove dog Ivo (who despite the male-sounding name is a 12 years old lady) had her first sexual intercurse and, so saint ovary will, should soon surprise us with a handful of puppies.


We wanted her to get pregnant for quite a long time already, because we thought she would enjoy having babies and we wanted to pass her fine genes and exceptionally good health and character to the next generation. But it appeared to be much more difficult than one would think: always when Ivo met a suitable male dog during our walks, they were playing with each other, but as soon as the male expressed a more adult interest in Ivo, she made clear by biting and snarling that she is not easy to conquer. We had the feeling that by to much adopting her to our family she lost any doggy instinct towards other dogs, in particular of the other sex. Could it be that she is a modern personality, and opted to be asexual, or some trans- or contra- or hypo-sexual ?  In fact she frequently attracted quite some attention of other dog owners, when she jumped on their males and exhibited fake movements of sexual intercourse. Maybe she justed wanted to teach them how to do it properly (“but don’t even think of trying this on your teacher, boy !!!!”)

We had almost lost any hope in her reproductive potential, when suddenly 2 weeks ago friends visited us in our garden, to present their newly acquired dog (a male Schnauzer, brought here from Russia). It was not that the 2 fell in love with each other right, Ivo has some other dog-friends in the neighborhood whom she is much more fond of. The young cavalier, however, had the time and place on his side. He caressed Ivo hour after hour, and at the end she could not longer reject his advances. More or less in the center of the party, the two love-drunken dogs did it ” like they do on the Discovery Channel”.

It was quite obvious that what made her so reluctant to mate in the years before was the unsuitable surrounding,  We assumed that, because she is original a street dog, she wont care to much where and when to have sex. Isn’t it a sort of stereotype that even the most fancy breeds with long pedigree tracks and aristocratic names use every chance outside to look for a partner to copulate? How often I have seen dog owners in the park when they helplessly try to pull their dogs away from a situation which already pretty far advanced.

Obviously, for Ivo this was never an option. We did not knew that deep inside she is a lady. She would never do it somewhere out. She considers our house and garden as her cozy empire, and can imagine having sex only here – I guess she is a bid old fashioned. Maybe I should teach her the secret pleasures of making love in the forest, in the corn-field, at night on the beach or on the backseat of a BMW Mini Cooper (at least on the last place, she might also feel at home).

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