Amoz Oz’ great novel

Buchcover | Bild: Suhrkamp Verlag Now I understand why I had to wait for years for a new Amoz Oz novel.  It is because a novel as amazing as “Judas” can only arise after the author spend quite some time, to let the characters and their relationships ferment and mature like a good wine. I would call it a centuries novel, and one easily feels that it represents Amoz Oz’ statement of a life experience. It is about the relationship between an individum and his own honest believes, and the common opinion of the society. And although they are so much in conflict with each other, it is only in a free and liberal country like Israel that this conflict will never overcome love.

If the Stockholm Nobel price committee would not be full of political prejudies, they should understand that there is hardly any other writer alive (with the exception of Lars Gustafsson, Salmon Rushdie and Philip Roth) who deserves the literature Nobel award as Amoz Oz does.

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