A new year that started with an annoying text

Today I was ashamed to share my given name Michael with a french highly celebrated writer: Houellebecq. Since I was always distracted to read his books by the media-hype around him, I was curious today to learn something about him by reading an interview he recently gave to the french journalist Sylvain Bourmeau. After reading his stammering retraction rejection of enlightenment, his newly discovered defense of catholizism, his really stupid and uneducated opinion about Islam, I can only say that he is one of the greatest idiots who has managed to fool the literature world.

He would have done much better if he continued to work as a farmer. He would have been successful in growing cabbage, and nobody would have realized that his brain is a big cabbage as well.

1 Responses to A new year that started with an annoying text

  1. I also don’t read much of over-hyped authors, so I haven’t read anything by M Houellebecq yet.

    But I like your unambiguous comment. :-)

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