Happy New Year – سال نو مبارک

Haft Sheen: The 7 S…, a set of objects all starting with the persian letter Sheen
People in and from Iran, Kurdistan and Afghanistan celebrate the beginning of their new year today. Using a very sophisticated astronomical calculation it will start in about 5 minutes, precisely at 17:57:07 GMT.  Astronomers have calculated that at this very minute the duration of day and night is equal (vernal equinox) and – most practically- (since this is defined by the position of the earth on its orbit around the sun) it is universal for the whole world (simply converting GMT to your local time zone). So unlike western new year, which “roles” around the globe within 24 hours from the far east (Tuvalu) to the farest west (Hawai), Nowruz can be instantaneously celebrated by the entire mankind in one and the same second. Really global, really monumental.
For today, I’d only like to wish all Iranian people a happy Nowruz, hoping that 2573 will bring freedom, peace, happiness and prosperity.
Seven things one might manage to do in 5 minutes left:
1) Polish an Apple
2) Grinding a Garlic
3) Cuting some Barley shots
4) Nail a Pudding on the wall
5) Light a Fire
6) Look into the Mirror
7) Fill a glas with Vinegar



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