The art of shoe-shining

Dear Ghazal,

Here is something to add to your hit list of Munich events: For all intellectuals looking for some extra skills: Take a one day seminar in professional shoe shining in the Munich Institute for Professional Leather Care (the nice color match of the photo with my blog lay-out is as always purely accidental).


2 Responses to The art of shoe-shining

  1. Ghazal says:

    hi michael, too bad its already too late to register for this seminar. i really would have like to list it on my cv under “additional skills”. do you know if one gets ecm credit points for attending this seminar, like for university lectures ? but anyhow, i would use any excuse to visit munich again.
    take care

    send from my Nokia Lumia

  2. radius says:

    Dear Ghazal, they told me they are not qualified to issue ECM credits, since there is very little evidence that polished shoes contribute to a better health. But for the pure technology part, the course members are entitle to ECTS points (two lectures at 0.1 ECTF each, a 3 hour tutorial at 0.2727 ECTF, and the final practical exam can add a factor from 0 to 10 to the total sum of credit points, depending on the grade). Viva Bologna ;-) .

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