The magic of a cup of wine at 24 000 feet altitude

During 360 days of the year I am sober, training myself to fulfill the commitments I made in an act of intellectual megalomania.

Keeping track of the several research projects, which I initiated before closing others, supervising the students and PhD students, trying to keep the collaboration projects running and the partners happy, doing at least some of the things which are expected from a husband and dad. And to fill also the last free evening of the week with something that does not require much brain (but only some basic guitar skills and sense of rhythm and music):  playing in our institutes band.  And all this arose as a good remedy to stop thinking of you every free minute.

But now on a flight back from Oslo, in an almost empty aircraft, when the flight attendants became extremely generous with the drinks, it only took two glasses of wine to become aware of how much I miss you since a year.

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