Washington D.C. wont turn into Gotham City

After several weeks of facing a complete and long-lasting shut-down of the US government, sending home all public sector workers and closing most administrative offices, a friend of mine working at the NIH NCI in Bethesda/Maryland told how relieved she was yesterday to pass again the gates of her re-opened institute. I had completely forgotten that many americans just like her saw a more immediate treat to their personal life by the Republican Parties blockade and the radical TeaParty followers. From a distant view, however it looked more like a big show, with the ultimate chance to turn Washington D.C.  or  Los Angeles  into a mirror-images of Gotham City.


Gotham City from the original cartoon serie (1940)

The similarity would have been indeed stuning:  The richest country in the world, with a government at the verge of going bust.  And finally, comrade Obama can triumph over the evil forces and emerge as the saviour, just as Batman.

Well done, Barack

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