First Thunderstorm

Ghazal my Dear, there are different definitions of beginning of spring. Astronomically it is the 21st of March, when you celebrated Norouz. Meterologically, the 1st of March is defined as beginning of spring, and some use a botanical time-table that associates spring with the blossoming of the apple-trees. For me, spring started today afternoon, when the warmth of the last three days was interrupted by a sudden, powerful thunderstorm. Since I can remember, I always was fascinated by thunderstorms, its eruption of energy, the release it brings after too much warmth and the freshness of the air afterwards.
There is no use of taking photos of a thunderstorm; not even a video-film can give the slightest authentic impression of what a good thunderstorm feels like. It has something archaic, some natural power and I remember that I like to call or write people who I love during this thunderstorm and ask them, if they feel the same at this moment.
Take Care,

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