Violation of human rights – The complete HBO documentary on Iran

Dear Michael, three years after the 2009 post-election movements in Tehran, Swedish TV broadcasted a long documentary about the situation of human-rights in Iran (what means “situation” ? One can only see a complete absence of any human rights). The documentary seems to be an extended version of the one you posted recently about the murder of Neda Agha-Soltan. It is produced by the same US TV channel HBO. We watched it a couple of days ago with my mom and Shava, and we felt very frustrated. It seems that the violence against people, in particular state violence against woman, has not ended. We live here in the western safety, but we know that friends and relatives who did not left the country can be victims of this regime every day. For everything that is part of our normal life here in the west, wearing modern cloth, having our hair blown by the wind, going to the beach or to a bar, driving a car, reading whatever we like – friends and relatives in Iran would face prosecution, torture or even death.
Take Care


Dear Ghazal, thanks for the link to this extended documentary. Some of the scenes (about the punishment by hanging or stoning) are so cruel, so inhuman, that I thought that if there would have been video or TV already in the mideaval times, during european inquisition or the 30 years war in the 17th century, the pictures would probably have looked like these from Tehran after 2009. How can people do this to other people, this pleasure of seeing somebody suffering and loosing life. Have you recognized the human-rights lawyer Andreas Moser (in the documentary at around 18min and 44min) ? I recently met him on his blog Happy Hermit, and he is probably the only German who had the “honour” to spend a week in Evin Prison, after he joined the Green Movement on Tehran streets. Take Care Michael

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  1. Alireza says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your comment and having high regards for my weblog. However, I prefer to have not so many readers. I write for myself, about my own thoughts and it is something I just enjoy. If someone reads them, great, if not, I have no problem:)
    So, keep up the good work:)

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