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Pete Seeger joins now the Heavens All-Star Band

Yesterday the great singer-songwriter Pete Seeger died. A month ago I still posted some thoughts on the occasion of his 94th birthday, when he appeared on stage at a small birthday party to sing “Turn, Turn, Turn” with his friends and the audience (which were more or less identical). Now Pete died, and leaves us not only with songs which… (more…)

Poems behind Bars

At the Munich Lyrics Cabinet, the editors presented the collected poems of Thomas Brasch (born 1945 in London, died 2001 in Berlin). Brasch, who was fighting against the harsh literary censoreship in East-Germany until is emigration to the West, later was facing neglectance by audience after German reunification. Only now, more than 10 years after his death the literature critics… (more…)

berlin 1945 and paris 1960 – two times a treason

hi ghazal, i recalled today you once told me about your parents divorce, and you call your father a traitor, since he started an affair with another woman already 4 years after he married your mom. your judgement was clear-cut, since your dads love-affair in your eyes was first of all a decision against his children. i still dont see… (more…)

Rock on, Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, a living legend of rock guitar style and founder of Led Zeppelin celebrates his 70th birthday today. Wondering how it all began, with a young, shy school boy in a south London suburb, and his dream to play skiffle against his mothers advice, and to start a career in biomedical research to help fighting cancer ? Well, below… (more…)

Googles Literature Style

Good literature is not just about great ideas, good stories, dramatic situations interlaced with well developed thoughts and reflections. Literature is also about a writer-specific form, the specific style of how to say things. And this is what makes writers so unique and recognizable. You quickly can tell if a text which deals with a train ride through south-eastern Europe… (more…)

The art of shoe-shining

Dear Ghazal, Here is something to add to your hit list of Munich events: For all intellectuals looking for some extra skills: Take a one day seminar in professional shoe shining in the Munich Institute for Professional Leather Care (the nice color match of the photo with my blog lay-out is as always purely accidental). Bookmark on Delicious Digg this… (more…)

LaSt ThOuGhT

After watching the marvellous New Years Eve party at Russian TV I came to the conclusion that: A Woman can reach any height in life if she is carried on a strong mans arms. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Secret Life

When we moved to England in 1992, we quickly realized that the British Islands are very distinct in terms of their nature. Nowhere else we have seen before trees full of blossoms in early January. At least till today I was convinced that this must have to do with the rather mild winter in the southern counties of the UK,… (more…)

An Oxford Accident

Hi Michael, now that I received my licentiate degree, and the days got very short in Sweden at the Yalda feast, I am frequently again spending the evenings in my moms home, watching movies. We use to select movies in alternating order, one day it’s me bringing a rather novel film, another day mom suggests one that she knows from… (more…)

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Hi Ghazal, I know this feeling very well, that one is afraid of not fullfilling its own expectations. Some people say we should learn to prioritize, refuse commitments which we dont see as important. Do the things, which you believe in, with all your energy, and skip the tasks which other people put on you. Of the few ideas which… (more…)