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Kate Bush 2014

Creativity comes from the Freedom to Fail.  This is how Peter Gabriel explains the phenomenon of Kate Bush. She entered the musical stage in the late 70s and gave popular music some of its greatest pieces of immortal art. It is for me impossible to find a category for Kates songs. She simply invented a new one: Lyrical, philosophic sounds on… (more…)

Full Flower Moon

The native Americans introduced special names to each full moon of the year. The May full moon was called “Flower Moon” by them. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Detour to learn Persian

After several attempts to find a web-site that could help me to learn speaking Persian, without the husle of the arab characters, I think I found a possible detour today. It is based on two more or less solid connections, which allow me to bypass the abyss of the written Persian. I will use the Tadjik language, which is basically… (more…)

Cloudbuster for a Tehran Nightingale

Day after day I press my ear down to the earth, trying to hear the sound of your blue slippers, while you walk alonge the pavements of Tehran. And I realized how endless can be four days, when you stay barefoot in your own little room. Cloudbusting (by Kate Bush) I still dream of Orgonon I wake up crying You’re… (more…)

BMW Urban Safari edition

If a Persian Cat could choose a car, no doubt it would opt for the one with the blue-white chess-board logo. The Bemweh (Persian for BMW, as I recently learned here) is for some reason highly estimated in present Iran. And this new, yet unreleased special edition of the Munich luxus car maker would most likely attract the persian cats… (more…)

One day out of 32872 days

Woke up at 6:50 Prepared avocado-egg-salad, half of it eat on black bread, half I left for Marischa Watched 15 minutes morning news, about the dreadful stupid fights between Ukrainian military and Russian separatist Went out with Ivo for a 15 minutes morning walk, realized that it is pretty cold but sunny Gave food to Ivo Jumped on the bike… (more…)

Echoes of Addiction

With words like a virgin vine, you wettened my dust covered lips, to make me speak again, using words taken right out of your mouth I asked for more of this magic elexier, which you browed in a room of your own, And when I was drunken from all these words, in a glimpse of a second your gentle fingers… (more…)

Metamorphosis behind iron bars — a butterfly turns into a poisson insect

The recent news from Ukraine made me mad.  Mrs. Julia Timoshenko, for whom I still felt some compassion recently, now appeared in a completely new light.  She did not denialed the validity of a You-Tube footage of a telefon conversation, in which she expressed her intention to “shoot Putin with an AK47 in the head, and eradict all Russian people… (more…)

Happy New Year – سال نو مبارک

Haft Sheen: The 7 S…, a set of objects all starting with the persian letter Sheen People in and from Iran, Kurdistan and Afghanistan celebrate the beginning of their new year today. Using a very sophisticated astronomical calculation it will start in about 5 minutes, precisely at 17:57:07 GMT.  Astronomers have calculated that at this very minute the duration of… (more…)

Books of the week: Crimea changed sides

In 2010 I had the pleasure to visit Crimea, on the occasion of a genetics conference in Alushta. What a magical landscape, I thought, and I met Russians there and some Ukrainians and many Tartars. The Tartars invited me to a after-wedding brunch in their own restaurant at the beach, when the shops and cafes run by Russians or Ukrainians… (more…)