Happy New Year

Dear Ghazal,

I was very relieved to read that you did not caught cold (as the cryptic text may have suggested), but that you are well up. I go to the lab approximately every second day, usually it is pretty empty there, what is good to write some stuff.
The day after X-mas we went bowling, which still causes me muscle-fever. And after seeing the whole family scoring much higher than me, I decided not to go there any more.

I recently promised you to put a video of our dog playing Hockey in the snow with me. You can find it by clicking here. (Don”t be chocked by the weird music) Do you still recognise her ? I also wanted to show you that she is usually not as sleepy as she appeared on the Kucha-Pecha presentation about REM dreaming.

Ghazal, I know that the next year is very important for you, for your future both in private life and science career. I wish you all the luck that is possible, happiness for every single day and fun. Don”t get impatient, my Dear, there is no need for this. You are so strong and lovely, you will achieve everything to become 150% happy at the end.

There is a very nice song by the Rolling Stones (called “you can”t always get what you want“) . The message of the song is:

You can”t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

I hope so much that you will find out yourself what you need. I”m sure you will, and your parents and relatives will help you.


PS: Please also say Happy New Year to Shava.


Hi Michael,

What is this, happiness ? Do you have an answer ? Is happiness what we experienced the last summer in Munich ? It might have been one particulare type of happiness. Probably like the one that Erasmus of Rotterdam had in mind when he wrote:

The highest form of happiness is a life with a certain degree of crazyness.

your dog is very cute!
happy new year. wish u all the best.

Take Care, yours Ghazal

2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Alireza says:

    Dear Michael,
    ok I am going to tease you on something you have written. I am sure you will realize when I write it:)
    you wrote, “I was very “released” that you did not cought [catch] cold”
    …where did you get released from? may I ask??:) you were released from home, jail, lab?
    perhaps someone (wife) has thrown you out of house:)))(sorry for teasing you harsh)
    ok, kidding aside, I think you meant “I am relieved…”

    having said that, Happy 2011.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Alireza, thanks a lot for your comment to the blog. I very much acknowledge to hear an opinion about this intimate relation from an “outsider”. Thank you also for pointing me to some spelling mistakes in my blog, and there are probably many more of them spread around which I can only correct one by one. Yes, your suggestion was right, that I intended to talk about a “Relief”, rather than about a “Release”. A realease from jail happened already more than 20 years ago, after a political demonstartion in Berlin. A Release from home has not happened yet, hope it never will.

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