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Dear Ghazal, I think I forgot to tell you that I won”t be in the Institute on Monday, since I have to give some lectures in Bonn. I told MA and his secretary to make sure, that the documents for your contract are handed over to the personal department by tomorrow. I hope that you had a nice weekend. I”m… (more…)

… something funny to read ?

Dear Ghazal, Don””””t worry, there was indeed not much to do today. About the form that I mentioned: it is printed and I put it on your desk, where you can find it on Monday. There is no urgency with the bank account. They can probably give you the first salary in cash. Enjoy the weekend (I hope you have… (more…)

Cat got used to bad Weather

Dear dr. R, Thank you for being so helpfull and kind! I am used to this weather so its no problem for me:) Its just that I did not have any labwork to do today just reading so I thought I concentrate better at home on the reading. I have read some of your articles. Hope it is okay that… (more…)

Under a Grey Sky

Dear Ghazal, I hope you are doing fine. I guess the rainy weather discouraged you from coming today. There were only very few people around here anyway. The canteen was also closed, but we called for some pizza. I prepared everything for your contract today (not the guest-contract, but one as a student technician, so you will have a salary).… (more…)