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Books and Food

Dear Ghazal, It would be a blunt lie to say that I only write you now to check if my computer finally understands that there is a difference between an _ and an . in your mail address. I checked today which e-mails were sent to this wrong address over the last weeks, and these were probably about 10. If… (more…)

Rewiring the Connection

Hi Ghazal, my dear, When I received your e-mail tonight I realized that I must be a bit more careful in asking you for a favor. It was so nice that you helped me with the article by Gustafsson, but I feel guilty now that you spend your free time of the weekend for this. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no… (more…)

Lars Gustafsson, Music and a wrong Mail-Address

Dear Michael Yesterday was a wonderful day, I went to Salzburg with chrysi and some other flatmates.Today I just rested. So you were in the institute. Actually it is not that hot in the guesthouse. Just sometimes. Thank you for the suggestion of going to the castle though, you really like the castle! I think you are sending to the… (more…)

A Castle at the Beach

Dear Ghazal, I hope you had a nice day today. In case you want to go swimming, there are two lakes that are pretty clean. One is in Feldmoching, the other in Fasanerie. I also saw one on the map in Unterschleissheim, but don”t know it myself. According to the map, there should be a beach too. I have something… (more…)

Lars Gustafsson says “Long lives free Berlin”

Dear Ghazal, I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also… (more…)

Persian Blogosphere

To: I would highly appreciate if you would add my blog to your directory. I called it “Letter to an Persian Cat” If you will see, it is totally un-political, it has to do with cats (mainly as an aphorism), and I am not iranian nor had I ever the chance to visit your country. Why do I want… (more…)

Format of Live

Hi Ghazal, Yes you are absolutely right and I have to apologize for this. But to be honest, I did it intentionally to provoke an reaction from you. You remember, it already worked ones, when I started to call you Mrs. F. You then stoped right away calling me Dr. something. Don”t worry, I don”t want to distract too much… (more…)

Dear Mrs F……..

Dear Mrs.F, please find attached the project outline. Please don”t hesitate to correct, improve, or critizise it whereever you feel is neccessary. Your suggestions are very wellcome and I would like very much if you could find some clearer and more appropriate words to describe the story. It would be an honour for me if someone enchanting as you are… (more…)


Hi Dr. R., Thank you for looking it up for me. it sounds good. The 20 june is my birthday so I have planned to go back home that weekend. And plus maybe it is better to focus more on the masterproject. I have a german book I will try to learn from that.But I will keep it as an… (more…)

speaking KLARTEXT

Hi Ghazal, I called KLARTEXT about the german beginners course. There is one starting June 20th, twice a week (Thuesday and Thursday, 6p.m. to8.30 p.m.). The course number is A71-1. You can register online here. There are still free places. Bye, Michael Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it… (more…)