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Summer Nuisance

A reply to “High on Words: London Spring” Seems there is little chance to escape the nuisance of spring. and don’t excpect any relief when summer comes. I remember a day in August, hoping to find some tranquility in Richmond Park. But soon I felt annoyed by a strang clapping sound, as if millions of elves were beating the dust… (more…)

Lars, my swedish friend …

I know that there is nobody on Lars Gustafssons blog any more to edit the comments.  I am extremely sad that one of the greatest literature spirits of our modern world had passed away. It is just a week ago that I had such a nice time when I found your latest novel “Dr. Waters recepie” in the book shop. … (more…)

Dead white Rose

It was always clear that Axl Rose was nothing but a poser (in his youth). With his skinny, bony, sweaty body barely covered in filthy XXXL underwear, he might have managed to frighten some audience, so they just overheared his creepy voice. Now with all the signs of an aged, worn out body, he is simply making a fool of… (more…)

Sunday morning anti-religious service

It is Sunday morning, and as every time I just passed along the church (while doing the walk with our dog), that only during these 2 hours is open and visited by the people from the village around. They use to “fulfill” their christian duty, by gathering there for the catholic service, listen to a speach by the priest (who,… (more…)

Nothing makes one so sexy as success – JOY, the movie

I have to admitt, there is no doubt: Nigeria or India might produce more movies than any other nation, and maybe in France or Italy the national cinematography is more recognised as part of their cultural identity, and in Germany movie production perhaps receives higher state sponsoreship than anywhere else. But when it comes to creativity and quality, nothing can… (more…)

No fun any more

I don’t know if I ever understoud what FUN is. I can go swimming in a crisp river, or clime a mountain, of ride through the golden fields. I can enjoy this really deep inside. I would not call this fun. I enjoy reading great novels, and I feel a deep intellectual pleasure. Is this fun ? I can get… (more…)

The pioneer of early Iranian photography

Antoin Sevruguin was the most important photographer of 19th Century Iran. During his long career, his camera captured all walks of Iranian life, and his photographs provide a unique visual source of the pre World War 1 era. His studio in Tehran produced astonishingly beautiful photographs, his fascination with painting and especially with Rembrandt leading to a unique artistic style.… (more…)

Literary scents

Too bad, the parfume industry does not have to pay royalties to the writers. This would really improve the financial situation of many authors. Salman Rushie “Shalimar the Clown”   Franz Kafka “The Metamorphosis”   James Joyce “Ulysses   Jose Lezama Lima “Paradiso”   Karl Marx “Manifest of the Communist Party” Ray Bradbury “Fahrenheit 451″ Bookmark on Delicious Digg this… (more…)

Quotes by Carrie

“The universe does not always plays a fair game.  But at least it shows an incredible sense of humor.”   Carrie Bradshaw,  SATC 3/17 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

A month can be more than just 31 days

Despite giving a very activists impression to the people around me, the last month passed through my fingers like the sand of a oceans dune. After giving lectures at the university on cancer and on stem cells, and after hosting the annual meeting of a joint European research project, after having published 2 new papers in biomedical journals and negotiated… (more…)