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SADE – world tour 2011

Ghazal Dear, I think I was waiting for this event since 25 years. It was in 1986 that somebody working in a Leipzig record shop gave me the first SADE record, “Diamond Live” as a birthday present. It was one of the few musics from the west that by some reason made their way into the east-german shops (in very… (more…)

EVIN: A hotel named after a concentration camp

Hi Michael, When somebody through facebook forwarded this sequence of nocturnal images from Teheran to me, I was almost prompted to ask if this is really the same place one knows from the news headlines of protests or from Ahadis movie “Green Wave”. Suddenly, it look more like a tourist promo for Beirut. Even during my last visit to Teheran… (more…)

This Taste of Honey – ذوق عسل

Dear Michael, I send you a link to a very nice song. I found it today while browsing through Shava”s records (real old vinyl-type ones). It is by Esther Ofarim, an israelian singer who was very popular in Iran before “79. During the time of the last Shah the cultural and political relations between Iran and Israel were very intense… (more…)

Arthur Brown aka Haji Firuz is doing the Norooz fire dance

Dear Ghazal, On the occasion of the persian new-year, I”d like to send you some music. Zoroastrian philosophy not only inspired Friedrich Nietzsche to write his central opus “Thus spoke Zarathustra”, but contemporary rock singers were equally influenced by this ancient faith. The idea that a divine spirit is present in nature, and it shows up in phenomenons such as… (more…)

Meeting of the Curly Haired in Teheran

Sometimes it does not need much more than this … And who will doubt that the future of Iran lays in the hand and hearts of its young generation (پارک ملت‎ Pārk-e Mella). source: http://naafass.blogspot.com Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Miscellaneous Points

Ghazal F wrote: Hi Michael, Why would anyone tell you these things. I mean you were not mean to me. you helped me alot, and I will never forget how much you helped me. The only thing that maybe was a bit hard was that you saw me more than a student and friend. So it was a bit hard… (more…)

Orbituary: Blake Edwards

Hi Michael, When I heard today that Blake Edwards, the congenial director of “Breakfast at Tiffanys” died, I got very sad. My hope for a continuation of this nice movie wont become true any more. Could you imagine how the beautiful, sad story of Hollie Golightly and Paul Varseck continues ? How would they proceed, after their final kiss on… (more…)

What lasts forever ?

Hi michael, it is hard to tell what will last longer in life, material stuff or love ? At least when Shirley Bassey sings it, it sounds very convincing to me, that “…diamonds will lustre on, when love”s gone.” Diamonds are forever Sparkling round my little finger Unlike men, the diamonds linger Men are mere mortals who are not worth… (more…)

Soldier of Love

Hi michael, In case you want to listen to some great music, have a look at this collection of Sade”s greatest hits (you can click each of them and listen the full length title – if you don”t stop, it even plays the entire album). And there is a video of her performing for her newest album. Its unbelievable, she… (more…)

Baby you can drive my 007 Aston Martin

Hi Michael, I came home yesterday, at night. Everything went good and I passed. I think the half-moon brought me luck. Thank you for all your help. I dont think anyone understood my project really, only one professor was asking me questions, but it was only some questions about the graphs. Hope everything is fine with you. take care /ghazal… (more…)