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Maryam Akhondy — the voice of humanism interprets Omar Khayyam

On the occasion of the finissage of the “Servus and Salam – an insight to Iran” exhibition here in Munich, the great music singer Maryam Akhondy with her ensemble Barbad gave a concert in the Maximilian church. A strong voice, for which the term Diva would be approbiate, also she is anything else than diva-like. Her music and her very… (more…)

Kim Jong-Un, the King of Rock’n Roll

For all those who still had doubts that the King of Rock’n Roll is still alive: Here is the proof that Elvis Presley is doing quite well, and will start his comback soon in the first North-Korean Hard-Rock Cafe. Thanks to ground breaking medical rejuvenating methods in the country, the King looks younger than ever. Rumors have it that Kim… (more…)

White dog listens to white rabbit

Ivo, when we rescued you in the 2006 hot summer from a waste bin in the Bulgarian mountains, who could ever think that you will once appear in a music video for Jefferson Airplanes “White Rabbit”. (The music might sound a bit weird, I tried to slightly raise the key and increased the pace, hoping that this way it might… (more…)

Jane Eyre’s nocturnal escape inspired Kate Bush

Ghazal, my Dear, do you remember the chapter 28 of Jane Eyre, where she runs away from the wedding and has to sleep outside in the forest in absolute loneliness and despair?   A really horrible situation, right ? I red recently that one of the great pop singers of the 80s/90s, Kate Bush, was very much influenced by this scene,… (more…)

A reason to get excited: 19 year old plays Hendrix

Hi Ghazal, you told me recently that none of the people of your generation would be impressed by Jimmy Hendrix guitar music. I would say it is just a matter of tasting it. How can you judge something, if you have never tried it ? o.k., the few songs you were listening to from my car stereo might have been… (more…)

Shajarian and Shahnaz Ensemble play in Munich Residence

On Friday we went with Omid to the concert by Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, who was accompanied on his tour through 9 european countries by the Shahnaz ensemble. The prospect to hear and watch in Munich the perhaps biggest and most famous representative of classical persian vocal music attracted a big audience that filled the Hercules-Hall of the royal residence up to… (more…)

The death of a Diva and of 69 teenagers

What an awful weekend !  A right-wing maniac kills 69 teenager in a norwegian youth-camp, and a soul-diva gives away her life in London.  Why nobody was around to stop this nazi murder on his way to the youth camp ? And why there was nobody to tell you, Amy, that you were perhaps the greatest voice in music and… (more…)

We are Green – Morteza Mofahari

Morteza Mofahari is an iranian composer. He had to flee Iran and currently lives in Germany. Together with many more iranian people who suffered from the political oppression in their country, Morteza Mofahari is among those whom a international solidarity campaign dedicated the entire July. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers… (more…)

Happy Birthday, Ghazal !

Happy Birthday, Ghazal ! Whatever you were dreaming of, my Dear, I wish you will get today. And all the things that you are still waiting for, they might come later but still on time. The few ones that will never come were probably not important at all. Make the best out of everything that you already got, Ghazal, it… (more…)

Frank Zappas rock opera inspired by the 1979 islamic “revolution”

Dear Michael, do you remember the CD you gave me last year with the compilation of some rock, pop and jazz music? In fact I never really  had  time to listen to it while I lived in the Helmholtz Guesthouse. Last year in Munich I was so busy with other things, with my MSc project and learning the complicate mouse… (more…)