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Anna Karenina

hi michael, how are you ? Yesterday night I found my mom watching a movie on TV, but the first scenes showed a rather cold winter atmosphere and I already wanted to zap over to another program (cause we have enough snow and frost in reality here in Sweden). My mom, however, insisted to watch this movie so I also… (more…)

Here you go again

Ghazal my Dear, Before you escape into dreams, give your ears (and your soul) something extra to enjoy (It is not a lullaby, though): Now here you go again You say, you want your freedom, Well, who am I to keep you down ? It”s only right that you should Play the way you feel it, But listen carefully to… (more…)

Non, je ne regrette rien

Ghazal my Dear, Do you think my french is o.k. for a week ? “Au Revoir”, please tell me what it means. Is it like the german “Auf Wiedersehen” or like the english “Farewell” ? You probably know, cause you are the expert ! And of course I also like “Je ne regrette rien”. I doubt that the Cote de… (more…)

Champaign Dreams

I dreamed, that reason and truth might rule the world instead of religions and self-installed gods, and that the later are kept under glass in museums. And in my dreams there was no place any more for saints and gods, who use to judge man as heretics or as immoral. I dreamed, that mankind will live free from hate against… (more…)

Spot the Stjaernfallen next week

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Don”t know were you spend the evening tonight, but I”d like to remind you of the Perseiden Stjaernfallen that are most prominent these days. I think to watch them is also a good remedy for the sadness that one usually gets before beloved people leave. Since the next two days might be quite cloudy, I think… (more…)

Back to the Scrap-Yard

Ghazal, my Dear, After dropping you at the Guesthouse today, I was quarreling once again with myself for having missed the opportunity to kiss you. It was silly, I know, in particular after I made this terrible observation at a scrap-yard for cars. There I found the remnants of a red Toyota Corolla, that had its upper part shaved away… (more…)

Sandman and Sauerkraut

Hi Ghazal my Dear, It was a pitty I found your e-mail (the one you wrote 2 o”clock a.m. last night) only this morning. Hopefully, you did not stoud awake for the rest of the night waiting for an answer. If I would have known that you didn”t sleep yet, I would have checked my mail-box at night again. Sometimes… (more…)

Unicorn and the blue-eyed camel

10 min after midnight he could not wait any longer for the long over-due end-of-the-day message from her. He left the house, the family, the dog and the garden behind and drove to her, ignoring most of the red traffic-lights and speed limits. After a 15 min race from the very east to the very north of this town, a… (more…)

Rapid Eye Movement

Ghazal, my Dear, how are you ? I came back from Pathology only at 5 p.m., too late to say bye to you. Therefore the only thing for me to do was to have a last look at the transfected cells (which were nicely red) and said “see you tomorrow, my faithful friends”. Of course it is much easier to… (more…)

PhD project in Munich

Ghazal my dear, I hope you have a pleasant evening and that you are not only standing in the kitchen. Be careful, if the swedish authorities see this, you will be punished for not following the official policy of womans emancipation. I keep my hope, that the people are more free in their decisions and understand, that doing something in… (more…)