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Political Power, Sex and the 21st Century E-Communication

Anthony Weiner, highly praised democrate representative and candidate for N.Y. mayor resigned this week over his cyber-sex affair that is in the media since may. Mr Weiners activities outside his office duties, which involved sending explicit photographs of his most precious body areas to several femal followers through Twitter and Facebook are still difficult to judge in terms of their… (more…)

Irans New Halal Internet

Irans head of economic affairs, Mr. Ali Aghamohammadi, surprised the whole IT community today by announcing the recent ground-breaking development from the Basiji telecommunication workshop: The new Internet 3.0 with implemented Halal Option. At the end of an IRNA press-conference in Teheran he entered the stage in his usual black business suit and started his speech with the words: “One… (more…)

Natural Confusion

Ghazal my dear, I hope you don”t mind me adding to our long lasting conversation and exchange of ideas some external thoughts. A witty blogger at Iranian.com (called ComraidsConcubine) posted this dialogue and therefore in a most intelligent way paraphrased the wide-spread ignorance about nations and cultures. If you want to read more of Comraids Concubine thoughts, go to her… (more…)

ELIZA – The Intelligent Answering Machine

Dear Michael, sometimes I wonder if we don”t trust too much in the electronic communication, when one person writes some words to another person thousands of km away, and these words are converted into a sequence of bits and rush through computer chips and are converted into electric pulses or light waves, send back and forth to satellites until they… (more…)

Miscellaneous Points

Ghazal F wrote: Hi Michael, Why would anyone tell you these things. I mean you were not mean to me. you helped me alot, and I will never forget how much you helped me. The only thing that maybe was a bit hard was that you saw me more than a student and friend. So it was a bit hard… (more…)

Social Networks and Loneliness

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you are well up, although I have not heard from you for a while. I”m afraid I might have written something confusing or unintentionally something that you felt as assaulting. We had a very emotional argument today in the institute about the value of social networks and whether each of us or even the entire… (more…)

The scale of relaxation

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks a lot for writing and for keeping me up-to-date about your progress in relaxing. Do you have like a scale of relaxation ? Like starting at October 27 (after your exam) with 0%, and now already reaching 95% to finally come close to 100% at the end of the year (and then stay on this… (more…)

The excited Explorer

hi michael, you send yesterday the article from “The Onion” about the first people on the moon. i was very shocked initially by the rude language. i could not believe that an educated person such as you reads and even circulates such a primitive conversation ? But then I reconsidered and tried to understand what the article is mainly about:… (more…)

Quantum Entanglement, Dogs and the Problem of Longitude

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you didn” got lost on your Random Walk (swedish “Slump Promenade”) through the Olympia shopping mall. The swedish “Slump” (for Randomness) is really a very, very strange word, isn”t it. And in research, randomness is always what we like to minimize because it tends to obscure our observations, which we would like so much to… (more…)

Self-reflecting letter and the potential of Woodoo

Hi Ghazal, Do you enjoy the time at home ? What a question, of course you do. Today is the first day that the rain stoped here in Munich. I think that there is just no water left in the atmosphere, it is probably dried out now and we might see the rest of the summer only dry earth and… (more…)